A multitalented team passionate about designing a better
and a more sustainable future

We believe in design as a tool for shaping the present and future of our society.
Thus, we design service and physical/digital solutions through strategic design that improve the user experience and add value,
turning strategies into realities.

diaradesign, design service provider for more than 35 years

Experienced Company

Continual transformation adapting to the marketplace since 1986

Diaradesign is an international design company with global competences

Global Player

International network and multicultural abilities

diaradesign is Forward thinking

Pragmatic Minds

More than 1500 realities designed from the concept to implementation

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Future Dreamers

Future vision to foresee insights and long-lived view

Our history

If you want to know where to go, you must know where you come from.

DIARADESIGN emerged within the framework of the cooperativism of Mondragon Corporation with two main duties:

  1. To be the Industrial Design service provider for companies that belong to the Mondragon Corporation group and outsiders.
  2. To support the University of Mondragon in Industrial Design related field of knowledge and skills with the goal of training the future industrial designers.

DIARADESIGN overcame the difficulties of facing the first years of activity without previous experience, working on its own design discourse while dealing with companies needs.

DIARADESIGN had first-hand experience in how a crisis can lead a group of people that work together towards becoming a team. Moreover, a new approach for «Design Management» in which the figure of the project coordinator and sole client’s interlocutor emerged and the redefinition of the Industrial Services influenced the economic recovery of the company with numerous, varied and enriching projects.